Functional Threshold Testing

£40 Functional Threshold Heart Rate / Power test

Do you know how hard you are working on each session?Functional Threshold Testing

Are you working at the right level to achieve your goals?

Are you making progress?

All the question can be answered by having a Functional Threshold power, heart rate test.

Understanding how hard to push each session and when to ease back is a critical factor in maximising performance and minimising injuries. By having your functional threshold power, heart rate tested under strict conditions, the guess work is taken out of your training and replaced with specific intensity zones; allowing you to focus fully on your session, safe in the knowledge you are taking maximum gains.

The test will take approximately 1 hour. Your results will then be analysed and processed. We will then give you a spread sheet with easy to understand results. This will include your Heart Rate zones, Power zones and your power to weight ratio.

If you do not use power we will just provide Heart Rate zones and a power to weight ratio.


You will be contacted within 24hour to book your session.

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